Founder of THA Security

Timothy Hoffman

About me

Tim founded this company to deliver premier services including cybersecurity consulting and training to combat the shortage of cyber talent in today’s job market . His experiences include work within healthcare, DoD, insurance, banking, automotive and other verticals. 

He co-authored several books, including Network+ Certification Guide, MS Proxy Server 2.0, the global rollout of policy for UBS Warburg for Y2K, and two books on TCP/IP.

CEO of THA Security

Eric Chappel

About me

Eric Chappel is a Disabled Combat Veteran, and the Chief Executive Officer of Tim Hoffman & Associates, LLC (THA Security), an Arizona based company, regularly consulting with Healthcare and Public Sector clients throughout the U.S.

He has a strong US Navy cryptologic background. His serial approach to entrepreneurship fits his professional credentials with over 25-years experience in Cybersecurity, Engineering, Executive and Program Management in the Department of Defense, local government, and private sector businesses.

Senior Cyber Secuirty Analyst

Floyd Singletary

About me

Floyd is the lead Risk & Compliance Analyst for the company.He is a cyber security and personnel safety professional with experience assessing regulatory compliance programs, finding network security weaknesses, and people change management developing training and exams.

Floyd received his master’s in biomedical informatics from Nova Southeastern University, where he graduated with the highest honors in the program. He received his bachelor’s degree in health science pre-med with a dual minor in biology and information technology from the University of South Florida.  

Business Operations Manager

Lorian Garrett

About me

Lorian has more than 20 years of experience as a procurement coordinator. As a contracts closeout subject matter expert, Lorian developed a tracking system that has been a benchmark for other procurement coordinators and has become a best practice on other teams. She has lead process improvement changes for closeout compliance resulting in significant cost savings for Boeing Defense and Space. She was instrumental in training the team to properly close out government contracts.

Lorian Garrett graduated Summa Cum Laude and earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Supply Chain/Logistics (3.96 GPA) from Colorado Technical Institute.