About THA Security

Enjoy some peace of mind by securing your organization with THA Security

Recruiting, hiring and maintaining a cybersecurity team can be a frustrating, complex and an expensive experience. THA Security’s services solves all of these problems. Engaging as much, or as little as you want,  with a team of certified professionals that can be dedicated to scale to your needs. All without the usual headaches, and for less than the cost of retaining an internal, full-time cybersecurity team.

Our Vision

To be the world leader in assessing and eliminating the cyber threat through affordable and scalable cyber risk management services.

Our Mission

Empower healthcare providers and their business associates to secure and protect patient and organizational data, meet the complex compliance requirements of HIPAA & minimize risk through scalable best-in-class cyber risk management & compliance consulting services.

Client Testimonials

Tim is one of the most outstanding Cybersecurity professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. His business knowledge, experience, and cyber security expertise are exceptional, and he has used these to successfully develop and grow the business. He would be an asset to any organization. 

Bob Harren, CISSPO

Tim Hoffman’s breadth of knowledge in the field of Information Assurance is impressive; as is the depth of his knowledge of regulations and regulatory agencies. In his arcane and sometimes enigmatic world, Tim never failed to stand out as exemplary in his field. He is a true expert.

Even in a field that can be a breeding ground for stuffiness, Tim managed to be one of the most personable and easy-to-talk-to people I was associated with. His understanding of company operations made him a valued asset even in planning and discussion of things outside his assigned field. 

I would be proud to work with Tim again.

James Brewer